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        Babel Theatre


Babel Theatre is a collaborative company created in 2017 with the idea of using cultural diversity as a creative tool. Based on devising techniques, the company intertwines a variety of backgrounds and skills, like physical theatre, music, and circus, to create stories that ask questions about the world that we live in.


The members of Babel are experienced performers that met in the 2016 Culture Clash Project at TAPAC, Auckland. Through sharing their personal cultural identities (Spain, India, Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand) and skills, we are committed to creating unique collective stories.

Meet Our Team
 About TAPAC 

One of the city’s most popular performance, rehearsal and performing arts education venues, TAPAC inclusively serves the creative needs and interests of Auckland’s diverse performing arts community.



TAPAC is a not-for-profit – we provide a unique nurturing space for some of Auckland’s most thriving arts companies including Massive Theatre Company, Touch Compass, Prayas Indian Theatre Company, Okareka Dance Company, PIPA and Marvellous Theatre Group as well as independent arts practitioners and other community performance groups. We welcome a broad cross-section of the community to our vibrant, purpose-built facility, making involvement in the performing arts accessible and affordable for those who would not commonly attend performing arts classes or productions.



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