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Babel Theatre and TAPAC present The Wall, an original, devised production based on real stories that opens questions about identity, unconscious bias and the state of the world.

The play is inspired by recent events and the state of the world, like the Migrant Caravan at the borders of Mexico. It explores migrant experience around the world, including Aotearoa, and the response to that migration. Hate speech, fear of difference, colonialism, are not new, but they have reappeared and become more visible


The Wall is written by Mallika Krishnamurthy and Daniel Fernandez, with the collaboration of Ahi Karunaharan as dramaturge, in association with Agaram Productions.

Collaborating with migrant communities, Babel Theatre has gathered real stories about migrant experience from many angles. Told with a sense of humour, The Wall aims to bring

communities together, not separate them. In a sensorial way, the play explores the effects of the walls that we create within ourselves and around us. The result of this is a cast of 25 actors and 2 musicians, representing all sides of the world, bringing this devised piece to life, where magic realism, a touch of Brecht’s epic theatre and flavours from all around the world will captivate the senses of the audience.

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